Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today we celebrate the Assumption of Mary — the moment she was taken up, body and soul, into heaven. This day
reveals much about our Holy Mother. Next to her Divine Son, Mary truly is the model steward for us as we journey
through this life.

Our Gospel recounts the story of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth who was soon to deliver John the Baptist. Mary
truly is a dwelling place for Christ. Even baby John the Baptist noticed as he leaped in his mother’s womb upon
Mary’s greeting! We too are called to be a dwelling place for the Lord. Yet for Christ to dwell in us, we must prepare
our hearts for Him.

Mary was prepared for Christ to reside in her, and her Magnificat expresses how we can imitate her and prepare a
place for Christ in ourselves: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…”
How can we proclaim the ‘greatness of the Lord?’ It is simply by how we choose to live our lives. Each day is an
opportunity to grow as a disciple of Christ. We can choose to rise each day in prayer, respond to those around us in
kindness, serve in our vocations and occupations from a place of love and selflessness, and use our gifts and talents
for the glory of God.

As we reflect on the life of Mary today, let us strive to imitate her in proclaiming the greatness of God by how we live
our lives. Let us celebrate her as our Mother, our Queen, and a Model Steward. She is not distant or out of reach,
rather, she is as close to us as.