Stewardship Bulletin Reflection

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings remind us of how our God is compassionate and passionately loves us.

“Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture, says the Lord.” Our First Reading from the prophet Jeremiah addresses false prophets who had misled God’s people away from the Lord. The Lord declares that He will restore His people by bringing back those who have gone astray and providing for them new shepherds so that they will “no longer fear and tremble.”
This reading portrays God’s infinite care and concern for our lives. We can see that God is the one who loved us first. Oftentimes, we are like the people who are blind to His goodness and enticed by sin — something we think will make us happy but does not. God is the one who constantly pursues us and gives us opportunities to say “yes” to Him. He wants to win us back, and ultimately, He will make us happy. So, we must ask ourselves, who or what is blinding us or leading us away from our ultimate happiness? Stop for a moment and name that thing — money, status, a person, career, laziness, addiction, self-image, health, etc. — that could be leading you away from a full and happy relationship with God. As Christian disciples, deep down we really know that our true happiness is God. So, what are we waiting for? Take the leap of faith and allow yourself to radically love God in return. As we begin this new week, let us name the things in our lives that are robbing us of our ultimate happiness, work to let go of them and let us strive to make Jesus our true shepherd by seeking Him in our daily lives.

— Stewardship Reflections by Catholic Stewardship Consultants