Second Sunday of Advent

“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths: all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

This month provides more than a few opportunities to come closer to Christ during Advent.

On December 12 at 7pm, we will celebrate a special Mass commemorating Our Lady of Guadalupe (in Spanish) here at Saint Dominic.

On December 13-14 we will have our parish Encounter Christ Retreat at Our Lady of the Rosary. I encourage any person trying to get closer to God to take a retreat each year to be renewed and enlivened in their faith. The advantage of having our own parish retreat is that you do not have to travel or make any special arrangements; it is literally in our backyard! This year’s speaker is Father Louis Merosne, and we are super excited about his time with us. Please register by Monday, December 9th!

On December 16 we will have our Advent Penance Service here at Saint Dominic. Okay that is a lot of dates!

May God bring you closer to Him this Advent Season!

All of these events are aimed at us placing ourselves in the presence of God and allowing Him to draw us close. This year’s Encounter Christ Retreat’s theme is “Behold, I make all things new”, a perfect theme for a recovering community.

Whether it is your house, career, or spiritual life that needs renewal, I promise this retreat will bring you closer to the Source of all renewal.

May God bring you closer to Him this Advent Season!