The Good Samaritan

“Which of these three, in your opinion,
was neighbor to the robbers’ victim?
He answered, ‘The one who treated him with mercy.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do likewise.'”

In Luke’s Gospel today we hear the story of the good samaritan. A priest passed by a man half-dead on the road, and likewise a Levite, but the Samaritan (at this time, the least likely character to do something good) stops and dresses the wounds of the man, and provides a place for him to stay at a local inn.

Jesus tells this story to teach about mercy and also to break out of a religious formalism that locates God primarily and exclusively to the Temple. Jesus wants to expand the vision of his disciples to much more than once a week. He is opening their eyes to see that holiness, and mercy can be found on the streets and in our jobs.

Go and do likewise

Jesus memorably finishes his teaching by saying: ‘go and do likewise.’ And so, our mission for this upcoming week is to help someone in need. It may be someone we have just met, but most likely, it will be someone we already know, think of someone that has been struggling and may need a kind word, or a moment of your time.

Lastly, Jesus says: “Apart from me you can do nothing.” Pray for the opportunity to be a good Samaritan to someone this week!